Positive & Negative


Welcome to my website, an evolving form for all of us.  As in all aesthetic decisions, the positive and negative space dynamic determines my choices. This yin-yang energy is also the abstract basis for the images I create.

The computer screen is like a loom with a grid form.  Joseph-Marie Jacquard used the positive-negative concept in his Jacquard loom, considered a precursor to the modern computer. His loom used cards with holes punched in them to direct the machine how to weave patterns.

On this website, you will see how patterns on artifacts and textiles have visually and intellectually fascinated me. Usually this pattern is developed in the negative space of the image and is an indicator of the cultural meaning of the image.

Nature – botanical images or the prismatic quality of water - is the other powerful image, seen both in the positive and negative space.

All images © 1973-2015 Laura Grosch

Orchid Fan

Orchid Fantails, 2006

Thanks and admiration to Leif Jackson, David Boraks and Dan Durrance whose tech-wizardry made this site possible - LDG